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A better Web

At Xegex we believe the foundation of any successful digital media platform starts with brand recognition that commands confidence and builds trust instantly, coupled with website design features that optimize conversion ratio and deliver sustained profitability. Intelligent brands are created through advanced market research and biometrically generated design structure using the latest heat mapping technology and Gestalt Principle; essence or shape of an entities complete form; to produce performance driven results that outperform the competition time after time.

In an environment of heightened accountability and intense budget scrutiny, we take a client driven approach to mission critical website monetization and ecommerce business acceleration. Our team of IT professionals empowers clients with scalable proprietary solutions and comprehensive market insights that cost conscious entrepreneurs depend on to achieve their online objectives. Startups and established businesses alike from across Canada and the United States searching for proven solutions and profitable results call Xegex!

Mobile Solutions

Mobile technology has dramatically changed the digital landscape, making the need for mobile application and responsive web design integration greater than ever. We deliver valuable insight on the latest mobile device technology utilizing both native and web application platforms customized to capture the widest user demographic possible. Integrating mobile solutions that satisfy the technology of today while tracking the ever changing user behavior of tomorrow enables clients to create high growth strategies and performance driven platforms into the limitless future.


Search engine optimization is the process of accelerating the visibility of a website and or mobile platform in search engines using advanced analytics of organic or algorithmic search results. SEO is a critical determinate factor of internet multimedia viability. The ability to empower clients with proprietary analysis and integration of algorithmic intelligence, market specific keyword values, real time dynamic content optimization, strategic link building and content distribution network management is the intellectual holy grail of long term ecommerce success.


Analytical research coupled with comprehensive data evaluation empowers clients with factual insight on key market parameters such as; social media analytics, mobile application and technology analytics, conversion ratio analytics, content control and tracking analytics, advertising analytics and demographically generated user analytics while creating customized interface solutions that work. Integrating accurate hierarchical data streams optimizes the capture and conversion ratio of potential users in a transparent organic fashion while increasing return on investment throughout the deployment and operation phase of any viable website campaign.


Custom front and back end architecture utilizing cloud technology coupled with intelligent interface integration guarantees web and or mobile platforms perform seamlessly and efficiently to achieve their greatest potential. The name cloud comes from the use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams. Cloud computing entrusts remote services with users data, software and computation, and enables clients to manage scalable websites and mobile applications at a fraction of the cost maximizing return on investment and profitability.